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Fall 2005

I've finally come out with the first full release of Dark Matter. Version 1.0.
* Note, you can not play it from a saved game because RPG Maker 95 loads the entire game, not just the variables into the client when you do a Load Game.
Feel free to download it here.

I finished a new quest and noticed how fast I was running out of flags for the game, and decided to finish it first and fill in the rest later. Instead of the other way around, running out of variables before I get to the end game.
This is what I intended for the game, and I'm very happy with the way it turned out. I hope you are too. Post a comment if you get a chance.

Summer 2005

Well after doing a revamp on Survivors of the Wasteland, I felt that one should be done to Dark Matter to at least make it look decent for the 1% that still have their browser's locked into 800x600. I never really did like the layout any ways, and I think that this looks much cleaner. Hope you agree.

Spring 2005

Just a quick release to clean up a few bugs I saw lying around. Hate it when the place gets dirty like that. Plan to turn a little more attention to Dark Matter since The Black Forest is now complete. It is a adventure module for the Neverwinter Nights game system. Check it out if you have a chance.

Summer 2004

I've come out with another release for Dark Matter. The biggest change is the opening bitmap titles used, and I've written an ending bitmap title routine too. It doesn't just say Game Over, then fade to a black screen. Cleaned up a bug or two that takes place in Renton, and added a secret area that I will expand on in a later release. The game has come along, and I'm pretty proud of it, hope you've enjoyed it too. - Dark Star.

Spring 2004

Well boys & girls, the latest release for Dark Matter is up on the site, and after the bug I found in the code, I did everything to play test it to the end and make sure you could finish the second release this time. Sorry about that. Please note that you can not play from a saved game, because RPG Maker 95 loads the entire game, and not just the variables into the client when you do Load Game. I've also completed one banner add for Dark Matter that is now up on the Spread the Darkness page. Check it out, it's the first animated .gif I've done, and I think it's kind of cute. And, oh yeah, if you wanted to put it up on your site that would be cool too. :)
Stay away from the light, and Spread the Darkness, Dark Matter.

23 November 2003

Finally, I have completed a good portion of the 2nd Release, and it's now available for Download. Most of the cities are filled in except for Renton and Milleta, so I'm going to be coming out with incremental releases that fill in these holes before I go on to the 3rd Release. I've put a lot of work into this, and I hope it shows, so if you have something to say about it put up a post on the Comments Page.

Fall 2003

This is it. The final stage of development for second act of Dark Matter. There are now 7 cities. Lost Haven, Bardo (Bar-Doe), Arden Plaza, Night City, Trent, Milleta, and Renton. I've flushed out a lot of the story line and right now I'm finalizing the last 3 cities. I'm looking at coming out with this release by the 4th anniversary of Dark Matter. November 23. See you then - Dark.

P.S. Sorry for all the annoying banner ads, I just wanted to see how useful they can really be. I came to realize that they generate a great amount of traffic to the host site and pay out very little. Nothing to me, so I would think twice about doing something like that.

Summer 2003

There are more advances in the Dark Matter story, and the next one has caused me to make a Helicopter Vehicle. Creating it from the Knight Blade Tile Set that Dark Matter is mostly based on, it has been shrunk, and the blades move. It would make for a good vehicle in any modern adventure, so feel free to download it cause I've put it up on the Tileset page. Also, a lot of work has been done on the Tile Sets as I have create new city's and new places to check out. So I've made them available for download before the next version of the game comes out. Sort of a sneak preview, if you piece it together. :)

Spring 2002

Spring 2002, almost two years later. Well, is there another version of Dark Matter. Yes. The basic functionality is there, but the design needs to be filled in. But right now I'm working on a FRUA RPG. (Forgotten Realms Unlimited Adventure). I'm entering in a contest, so it has to be done soon, Then I will turn back to Dark Matter with intent on completing the second act. There is one more act to follow, but that part of the story line isn't written yet. I hope you enjoy the game so far.

Summer 2000

Well it's summer, and there's no new release of Dark Matter. I know I know I know. I said that I would have a new version out by spring, but I got sucked up into Everquest. A very addictive on-line role playing game. But I'm back on Dark Matter, and I plan to have a new release out within a month. Hope that you have enjoyed the game so far, and if you don't have it, download it. I think that you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Spring 2000

I am working on the next two cities. Arden Plaza which is mostly finished, and Night City which comes out of Gibson's book Nueromancer. I can't do it justice, but I can go back and visit it. Also, I'm working on another island, and the advancement of the story. Which is thin I must admit. But hey, Dirk is the type of guy that likes to just kick a lot of ass.

23 November 1999

On a Night that was lit, filled with the Full Moon, Dark Star arises once again. With the opening of a Web Site that will help him spread the Dark Gift through the use of a game. Dark Matter. An old idea that now is in the light.
A Dark Light.

Dark Matter was made available to this world on this night.